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The Farm

Marybank has so many memories to so many generations of our family, the Fox family, that its hard to know where to start.

From my great grandmother playing her piano in the formal sitting room, you could sit on the front lawn and immerse yourself in the music, to stories of my grandmother riding her horse to the neighbouring properties. Stories of petrol rations, family hardship, world wars, the sprawling city of Adelaide creeping up to the boundary of Marybank. But there were also tales of garden parties, fetes, family picnics, farming duties, the ‘Blackhill Shiraz’ vintage and a place that we as the ‘Fox’ family have always called home.

Thomas Shepherd Esq. arrived from London in 1841 by boat, he bought land and built ‘Marybank’ in 1842 and named it after his wife, Mary. After ten years Thomas Shepherd, his wife and newborn child decided to move back to London (as far as we know) and the property was sold to Arthur Fox in 1853.

The Georgian style residence along with 560 acres included the house, the garden, a natural spring, paddocks and stables. Shortly after purchasing this extensive property, Mr Arthur Fox, an auctioneer, died crossing the river Torrens at the age of 38, during a storm, leaving his wife and three children behind.

Passed from one ‘Fox’ family to another, it is the wives that have managed to keep this property flourishing throughout times of war and rations. Although with less hardship and perhaps more hard work this tradition continues today…

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